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Russian Society for Pictorial Photography named after N.P.Andreev had conducted the Festival of Pictorial Photography in Serpukhov (Moscow Region, Russia) on October, 1-3, 1997.

Nikolai Andreev was an internationally recognised master of pictorial photography. He lived and worked in Russia in the early twentieth century.

To stress the romantic mood of images, the artist used soft-focus lenses often made by himself and a variety of alternative developing processes such as bromoil with transfer and handcolouring. Many of his darkroom techniques resulted in incredible tone grade and enigmatic lightness forever remain a secret.

Andreev's artworks were awarded with the Gold Medal at the exhibition in Paris (1924), Gold Medal at the exhibition in Saragossa (Spain, 1927), several silver medals and diplomas in Canada, Hungary, Italy, Switserland, Belgium.

All the images exposed in the gallery are scanned from the original works kindly provided by the author's family.

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